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Costa Verde

Costa Verde, which aggregates 23 municipalities, is a micro region of Northern Corsica. At 40 km of Bastia and its transport infrastructures, Costa Verde’s geographical location is ideal because it is easy to get there.

Come and discover its 17 km-long fine sandy beaches with slight slopes, perfect for children, and a large range of activities as well as a diverse and preserved rich heritage. Besides its proximity with the Mediterranean Sea, Costa Verde has a mountainous environment and a large diversity of landscapes. You can find here many authentic villages, with their craftsmen and local producers that will propose you essential oils, knives, fruit and many other traditional products.

Perfectly preserved buildings, as well as an ethnographical museum about our ancestors’ traditional life will show you the culture and history of our micro region. Come and make the most of Costa Verde, a place that will fill all your desires.

Since the 12th of September 2016, these municipalities are classified as “touristic municipalities\".

Cervione Learn more


Cervione therefore combines the pleasures of the sea and the mountains. Steeped in history, Cervione welcomed two important figures of Corsican histor...

Felce Learn more


The Assumption church and the Milaria and Volgheraccio chapels have been restored, and a Genovese «palazzu» residence is still in very good condition,...

Novale Learn more


The interior decor of San Stefano parish church (18th century), whose front wall faces over the sea, is the work of painter Gherardi. Legend has it th...

Ortale Learn more


You can admire old manor houses, a vaulted fountain, the ruins of an old water mill, and take the old "Theodore" carriage road to Cervione. The famous...

Perelli Learn more


A village consisting of 7 hamlets: Fungaghja, Casenove, Paese, Pied’a Costa, Casella, Quercepiane and Ferrera. The municipality is crossed by the «Mar...

Pero Casevecchie Learn more

Pero Casevecchie

Pero is the main hamlet, boasting remarkable architecture made up of beautiful 18th century buildings; and Casevecchie is the other small village at t...

Piazzali Learn more


It is home to the Alesani convent, which occupies a sacred place in Corsican history, since Theodor von Neuhoff was crowned King there on April 15, 17...

Pietricaggio Learn more


You can quench your thirst at the Pardini natural spring waters. Crafts play an important role here. Some products are still produced in the tradition...

Piobetta Learn more


Home of the famous occultist writer, Pierre Piobb (1874-1942), whose family home still exists at the bottom of the village. A little way from the vill...

Poggio Mezzana Learn more

Poggio Mezzana

Perched on a headland, they reveal cobbled streets and arched passageways with authentic charm. Their tall stone houses with slate roofs are also typi...

Sainte Lucie de Moriani Learn more

Sainte Lucie de Moriani

It offers a multitude of landscapes, from foothills to coastline.. Its small hamlets are the very picturesque Venzolasca, Coccola, Bonaldo and Piazze,...

San Giovanni di Moriani Learn more

San Giovanni di Moriani

It has a high quality parish church built of exposed stone, which boasts one of the highest steeples in Corsica (39 m). In addition, along with the ad...

San Giuliano Learn more

San Giuliano

San Giuliano is spread along the edges of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with its miles of sandy beaches, in the foothills of Mont Castello d’Osari, where the ha...

San Nicolao Learn more

San Nicolao

San Nicolao stretches along the foothills of Mont Castello d’Osari, where its five picturesque hamlets are spread out, down to the shores of the Tyrrh...

Sant'Andrea di Cotone Learn more

Sant'Andrea di Cotone

Why not take the time to stroll around the three hamlets which form the village: Cotone, Chigliacci and Ciglio. One of the features of the village is ...

Santa Maria Poggio Learn more

Santa Maria Poggio

Straddled between the sea and the mountains, Santa Maria Poggio contains a sacred architecture: the Assumption church from the 17th century with its v...

Santa Reparata di Moriani Learn more

Santa Reparata di Moriani

Santa Reparata di Moriani is a lush valley that offers a total change of scenery, with its large chestnut forest surrounding the two hamlets of Forci ...

Taglio Isolaccio Learn more

Taglio Isolaccio

They are widely known in Corsica for their singers and poets’ quality. The ancestral art of the paghjella has been passed down from generation to gene...

Talasani Learn more


This hamlet on the plain, now the nerve centre for the surrounding area, has much to offer, allowing residents to enjoy the pleasures of the beach. Ju...

Tarrano Learn more


You can visit the abandoned hamlet of Sorbello. The ruins show the evolution of house building, generation by generation, with houses getting bigger b...

Valle d'Alesani Learn more

Valle d'Alesani

Some 900 m below Querceto, you can discover the Pardina spring, which made the valley famous. This water, reminiscent of Orezza water for its diuretic...

Valle di Campoloro Learn more

Valle di Campoloro

Muchjetu is closely interlinked with the market town of Cervione, and visitors find it hard to identify the boundaries. This hamlet with its pretty al...

Velone Orneto Learn more

Velone Orneto

Orneto, with its huddled houses opening out onto its charming square and chapel. Carbonaccia, its hamlet, surprises you with the presence of an attrac...

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