Our religious celebrations

Live and share our cultural traditions through several religious events in Corsica.


Date : Good Friday

Catenacciu is a Corsican tradition which happens during Good Friday procession. The “Catenacciu” person carries out a stations of the cross through the city, which symbolize the Christ’s climbing to ordeal. The Penitent is wearing a scarlet alb with a red balaclava, and the parish is the only one who knows his identity. Supporting a solid oak cross and chains on is feet, the Catenacciu has to fall 3 times during the way before being symbolically crucified, just like the Christ. There is no procession more scrupulously respected than this one, that’s why it’s a good opportunity to get into local customs of the island, with thousands of persons who came to see it.


Santa Cristina

Date : on the 24th of July

Every year, a Mass is celebrated at 11 am in Santa Cristina’s chapel, in the municipality of Valle di Campoloro. This chapel has been discovered by Prosper Mérimée during his trips in Corsica, and is listed historical monument since 1890. The Mass is followed by a banquet in the shade of hazel trees, so it’s the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful day, by savoring migliacci or others local specialties. In the late afternoon, a procession occurs in the village of Muchjetu, in Valle di Campoloro and a village dance is organized in the evening. This typical and emblematic religious tradition will permit you to discover local customs.

The Scupiccia Vigil

Date : on the 14th and 15th of August

Every year, on the 14th of August, some musical animations take place in front of the Madonna’s chapel and in the whole plateau of Scupiccia. Some refreshment areas are available for everyone, and the atmosphere is pleasant all night long. But the most important in this expedition at the heart of the mountain, is the stunning panoramic view which Scupiccia offers over the eastern plain. On the 15th of August, the believers who came in pilgrimage can attend to the annual Mass of Holy Mary, before coming back down to the village of Cervione to take part of the procession.

Saint Roch

Date : on the 16th of August

Each 16th of August, a Mass is celebrated in honor of Saint Roch, the saint who has been prayed over centuries to cure contagious diseases. When he was dying, he withdrew in a hut, where he was saved by a dog which licked his wounds and brought him bread every day.  This is why small blessed breads are given out to the believers during Saint Roch’s celebration.

Madonna’s day

Date : on the 8th of September

This Christian feast happens every year, and celebrate Virgin Mary’s Nativity. We find it in the whole island, especially at the Sanctuary of Notre-Dame-des-Grâces in Lavasina (Cap Corse), at Casamaccioli (Niolu), at Pancheraccia (heights of eastern coast), at Bonifacio (South), at the Alesani’s Convent (in Costa Verde), or at the Sanctuary of Notre-Dame-de-la-Serra (heights of Calvi). This is an opportunity to assist at several traditional sings, Masses, processions, pilgrimages, and fairs in honor of the Virgin.

San Mamiliano pilgrimage

Date : September

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