Our sporting meetings

Lovers of running and cycling race, take advantage of your Corsican holidays to take part in one of our trials. Rally-lovers, come see the WRC Tour de Corse or an historic car rise !

Tour de Corse WRC

Date: early April

The Rallye de France, which is part of the World Rally Championship (WRC) since 1973, is mainly known for its 2 favourite territories: Alsace and Corsica. The unavoidable WRC Tour de Corse is famous for its distance as it goes around the whole island. Redoubtable for its many turns and its high technical level through sinuous mountain roads, it is also called “10 000 turns rally”.

Every year the Tour de Corse usually starts by early April and lasts 4 days. It begins by a first warm-up lap, the Shakedown, which permits the pilots to assess themselves.  It goes on with 9 stages over 3 days, including a mythical one because of the legendary Tour de Corse monument and also emblematic in Castagniccia: the St Jean Baptiste’s Church of La Porta. This rally ends with a speedy trial: the Power Stage.

Campile’s Trail

Date: April/May

Since 2011, Campile’s Trail is organised in the village of Campile by the Club Omnisports Campilais (general-purpose club of Campile). This village, located in the heart of Castagniccia, is part of Casaconni’s Pieve. It’s surrounded by 5 hamlets of between 100 and 800 metres in height.

The 13 kilometres long route offers to runners breathtaking landscapes with stunning views over the Golo’s Valley, the Bozzio, and the Costa Verde area. From the start, the run drives competitors to crests which overhang Campile, until the Monte Castellare at 1011 metres of altitude. After a hard rise on Bocca Mulaia, runners cross the Albareto site, where they can find the first provisions spot. This footpath, which continues through undergrowths and maquis, carries runners to Veille’s fountain, Teraghii and the village of Bisinchi, until the descent into the hamlets of Costa, Antibia and Vergagliese. Then, on the village square, at the bottom of the baroque belfry listed historical monument, there is the finish line!  There are also 2 other trails (14km on the road, or a little 6km walk) in order to satisfy each participants. 

The goal of the organising team is to give the opportunity to everyone, from beginners to experts, to practice running in the best possible condition.


Date: May

The “Race-Against-Time” is a cycling trial organised by the club Cyclo Casinca Costa Verde which starts in Folelli (Penta-di-Casinca). It takes the road which leads to a famous area of Castagniccia. Participants pedal for 14km, with more than 300 metres of altitude on the finish line in Piazzole.

Alisgianinca’s Trail

Date: May

Second year of Alisgianinca’s Trail, organised in May by the association “Ghjuventu Alisgianinca”. The starting point is located in Piazzali, at the bottom of Alesani’s convent (listed historical monument). 3 trails are proposed: 31 kilometres with an ascent of 2,300 metres and with passages at more than 1,700 metres of altitude like in Funtana Ghjallata’s sheepfolds, and to the summit of Punta Caldane which peak is at 1,724 metres of altitude ; 12 kilometres with an ascent of 850 metres, appropriated for the general public and 7 kilometres, for a family walk.

This event is the occasion to discover this sports activity, but also to discover remarkable point of views, breathtaking panoramas and villages which will exalt eyes and mind.

Tyrrhenian Route

Date: May

The “Tyrrenian Route” is a cruising race organised by Campuloru’s Yacht Club, visible from the Taverna Port. It joins Corsica with Tuscan’s islands, via Capraia and Elbe islands. During those racing few days, participants navigate on 80 miles.

Historical hill climbing of Campile – Stéphane Giraudi

Date: June

For the 4th time, the Squadra Corsa di Campile (Corsican Team of Campile) organises the historical hill climbing demonstration on the municipality of Campile. An 8 km-long climb starting in Barchetta and ending at the entrance of the village of Campile. For automobile lovers, it’s a must-see!

Corsica Color Fun Run by Costa Verde

Date: at the end of July

Enjoy a unique experience and immerse yourself in Corsican history by participating at the Corsica Color Fun Run, the most colorful race of the island! It’s a 5 km-long itinerary during which participants will be sprayed onwith a colour, matched with a surprise animation. No timer, no ranking, by walking or running, the race is accessible to all!
Keywords are: colour, enjoyment, and amusement. Don’t wait any longer and come have a ball in this first session of Corsica Color Fun Run. Registrations online or in Poggio Mezzana city hall.

Via Romana

Date: at the end of July

Via Romana is an individual pedestrian race taking place at Carpineto in Castagniccia. Organised since 2001, it usually occurs at the end of July. It is registered in the international trail Mare e Monti, and in the mountain race challenge.

Come measure yourself against the Corsican mountain on 3 remarkable routes: 62 km for 4,500 m of positive altitude,  40 km for 2,500 m of positive altitude, or 21 km for 1,100 m of positive altitude. Two mini-trails are organised around Carpineto, in order to initiate young persons into this sports activity. In a preserved and natural environment, footpaths cross several times centenarian chestnut groves and beechwoods, chapels, churches, convents, sheepfold, water-springs, refreshing fountains, and others local heritage components. Along the crest’s lines, discover the Corsican mountains and the Mediterranean Sea… 3, 2, 1, go !  

Casinca’s Trail

Date: by early September

Casinca’s Trail, starting in the national heritage site of Penta di Casinca, will follow old footpaths which was formerly used by our ancestors. Participants will have the opportunity to discover Casinca’s heritage, while crossing the Castagniccia area and its paths which run alongside walls of stone. This trail, which finishes on the main street of Penta di Casinca, offers breathtaking points of view over the village and its plains.

Two trails are planned: 10 kilometres with an ascent of 450 metres, perfect to discover the trail’s pleasures, and another one of 17 kilometers with an ascent of 950 metres, much harder.  A solidarity walk will be also organised in favour of “La Passerelle” Association, which provides help to autistic children. 

Historical hill climbing of Castagniccia

Date: September

For the 2nd time, the association Machja Mutori organises the historical hill climbing demonstration of Castagniccia, in the village of La Porta. A 7 km-long climb, which starts at the corner of St John the Baptist’s church and ends in the village of Giocatojo. This event gathers old-engine-lovers, where all of the spectators will have the opportunity to admire rare vehicles.

Costa Verde mountain-bike Raid XC

Date: October

Discover unrivalled mountain-bike tracks in Corsica, certified French Cycling Federation. Across Costa Verde’s landscapes, enjoy the second year Raid XC to pedal on 40 kilometres!

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