La Route de la voix
La Route du parfum
La Route du goût
La Route de l'émotion
La Route d'un autre regard

Trail of the Senses

Corsica invites you to escape, through 5 theme trails which will arouse your senses.

Rich in cultural and natural heritage, the region of Castagniccia Mare e Monti has everything you can imagine to enjoy your stay. You will have the opportunity to discover this destination through five thematic trails that will awaken your senses. Sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste: each trail has been designed to provide you with a unique and particularly rewarding experience:

The Voices Trail

Listen closely and you will be spellbound by the typical sounds of our region. Listen… From the sound of waterfalls to metal being worked on by our craftsmen or of Corsican songs, let yourself be transported by their magic and by the unique atmosphere they create.

Listen very carefully!

chants corses

The Fragrance Trail

Take a large breath of fresh air and let yourself be intoxicated by the hypnotic scents of the Corsican maquis. During a walk in the woods, along the sea shore or while visiting one of our producers of natural essences, you will be transported by the scents, aromas and other natural fragrances characteristic of our region. Breathe, inhale… Smell is a foretaste of flavours!

le parfum (2)

The Taste Trail

Gourmets can keep their taste buds happy by treating themselves to a cuisine full of the flavours of our region. Taste, enjoy, savour… A genuine experience awaits you when meeting locals who will share their culinary heritage with you.

le goût (2)

The Visual Trail

For the pleasure of your eyes, you will have the opportunity to discover the abundance of charm and authenticity of our villages and admire the beautiful views of unspoilt landscapes. See, watch, observe, admire… You’ll never get tired of such beauty!

le regard (2)

The Touch Trail

Caress, touch, feel… Discover the endemic fauna of Corsica, admire the skills of our craftsmen by visiting their workshops and experience numerous exciting activities and events! With so much to take in, your senses will awaken…


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