Explore our Corsican villages, full of history, who haven't lost none of their charm of yesteryear.

What would be Corsica without its villages?

And most importantly, what would be Corsicans without their own villages?

Formerly, vendetta occurred between neighbouring villagers, and rivalries between villages have always existed.

Even if they don’t necessarily live all year in their villages, Corsicans are extremely proud of them, and are attached to their family homes. Unfortunately, many houses have fallen into ruins because of joint tenancy issues between heirs.

Preservation of these houses is really important because they are an integral part of the architectural heritage. These houses, built in the mountain, stop negatives rumours and clichés saying that “Corsicans are lazy!”

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Situated in Northern Corsica, the new interconnected community is rather recent since it started on the 1st of January 2017. It includes several micro regions: Casinca, Orezza, Ampugnani, Casacconi an...

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Costa Verde

Costa Verde, which aggregates 23 municipalities, is a micro region of Northern Corsica. At 40 km of Bastia and its transport infrastructures, Costa Verde’s geographical location is ideal because it is...

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