Take a walk on more than 200km of footpaths in the Corsican maquis ! Download here our hiking maps and thematic trails.

Footpaths in Costa Verde

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We invite you to discover many walking trails maintained regularly. We propose you around twenty loops, marked with orange paint, and listed by level of difficulty. Those trails will provide you the opportunity to enjoy Costa Verde’s landscapes, and to discover local fauna and flora.  You will find in the course of pathways some lovely and typical villages, rivers and waterfalls… in a verdant and pleasant setting.

Hiking maps are made available at the Costa Verde Tourist Office : you will find there all useful details, like access roads to starting points, duration, kilometers, watering spots, as well as advices and warnings.

Have a good hike !


Botanical Trail

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Localisation : San Giovanni di Moriani.

Duration : 3 hours.

If you are a Corsican-nature-lover go enjoy this botanical trail, with family, alone, or amongst friends.

All along the way, you will discover about fifty Corsican plants, trees and bushes by means of explanatory signs, which will also explain you theirs uses. From home remedy to medicinal remedies, you will be surprised to learn secrets of those island vegetables. Don’t hesitate to go on this stroll who is worth the detour ! You will be delighted and charmed by the beauty and the peace of the landscape, truly pleasures for the senses.

The loop last 3 hours, so enjoy your walk !

Ornithological Trail 

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This walk will permit you to travel across the ages and let you discover remains of Corsica of olden times. Fano and Poggio’s hamlets will reveal you typical villages of Corsican rural architecture. Between stones and trees, with a lot of discretion, you will be able to observe masters of the place : birds.

Since the dawn of Humankind, those funny little animals have fascinated people, as can be seen from a painting found in Lascaux’s cave representing a man with a bird-head.  Symbol of soul and word of God for Egyptians, the bird is omnipresent in hieroglyph writing.  3000 years later, nothing have changed : people are still pinned down and jealous of the bird… As an example, to build first flying engines, the man reproduce wings…

Those lovely creatures are capable of whole ingenuity to eat, to breed, or to build theirs nests. Throughout the whole trail, if you show caution and discretion, you will discover around thirty species living in our region.

You have to know that most of this birds are protected species : it’s strictly forbidden to kill them or destroy theirs broods and nests, subject to sanctions and large fines.


Trails in Castagniccia

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Medium-altitude massif, Castagniccia stretches from the Fium’Altu to Alesani and is dominated by the San Petrone, which culminate at 1767 meters. Magnificent, Castagniccia is first of all the kingdom of sweet chestnut tree, Norman chapels and baroque churches. With more than 100 hamlets, this area hold the biggest density of villages in all Corsica, and concentrate 3 “pieve” (religious district) : Alesani, Orezza and Ampugnani.

In the shade of sweet chestnut trees, the Regional Nature Reserve of Corsica has developed discovering footpaths, easy to follow and colorful. Those trails will permit you to enjoy nature, landscapes, traditional villages and theirs habitants at the same time.

Casinca’s canals 

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Casinca’s canals, dated from the twenties, define the character of this area’s coastline. Linking the ground to the sea,  paths parallel to canals serve as pleasurable walking tracks, usable in all seasons. This shore offers a huge variety of landscapes, characterized by several wet areas, dunes, maquis, alders, oak-trees, poplars, willows, as well as junipers with big berries. We can also find here numerous grazed fields with bovines and ewes, or some market gardening, because of the establishment of agricultural activity.  

Pedestrian trails offer many possibilities to discover canals, as well as their emblematic fauna and flora. Then take a walk to the Golo’s mouth, the Cap Sud beach, the Mucchiatana site, the Pinarello beach and its eucalyptus, the Anghione beach, or the San Pelegrino beach and its tower.

Enjoy !


{pdf} Download (pdf, 1 Mo)

Sentiers VTT

Adeptes de VTT, retrouvez dans ce dépliant 10 circuits pour tous les niveaux, à pratiquer sur notre territoire.
{pdf} Download (pdf, 2 Mo)

Sentier botanique

Situé à San Giovanni di Moriani, ce sentier botanique est une boucle de 3h sur 300m de dénivelé. Tout au long du parcours sont placés des totems descriptifs sur la flore locale.
{pdf} Download (pdf, 2 Mo)

Sentiers Costa Verde

Retrouvez le topoguide des randonnées en Costa Verde, composé d’une carte et de 37 fiches. Choisissez la boucle qui vous convient, de la familiale à la sportive !
{pdf} Download (pdf, 7 Mo)

Sentier ornithologique

Découvrez tout au long de cette boucle de 4h30 des totems explicatifs sur les oiseaux locaux, tout en profitant des villages alentours et de la cascade de l’Ucelluline.
{pdf} Download (pdf, 20 Mo)

Sentiers Castagniccia

Découvrez la fameuse Castagniccia à travers ses différents sentiers de randonnée pédestre.
{pdf} Download (pdf, 11 Mo)

Canaux de Casinca

Ce circuit pédestre permet de découvrir les canaux de Casinca et leurs chemins de halage, ainsi que les rives du Golo, les plages de sable, et une grande variété de végétaux.

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