Geographical position

A Scupiccia

Between legend and tradition, hike and scenic view : this place will enchant more than one person !

Localisation : Crest of A Scupiccia.

Scupiccia’s statue, classified by the French Art School, is a Carrara marble statue of the Virgin, localized at 750 meters in height, above the village of Cervione in High Corsica.

They may be pirates, in the XVIth century, which have caught and sunk a ship off the coast of Prunete, which was laden down with this Virgin statue and its column altar. It’s said that those statue and altar, sculpted in Florence, were destined for the cathedral of Córdoba, in Andalusia. Campulurinchi (inhabitants of Campuloru area) seized the statue, blessed it a cult, and called it “A Madonna di A Scupiccia”, for the place-called where it have been drop off.


The legend relate that this statue choose itself the chapel’s site : Cerviuninchi (inhabitants of Cervione) had opted for another place, but the statue always came back on the actual Scupiccia’s location, so they respected the divine wish. It may however be thought that inhabitants of nearby village were responsible for that, because Scupiccia was on an old and common transport route.

Every 14th of August, on the occasion of the Vigil of Scupiccia, musical animations take place at chapel’s site. Atmosphere and friendliness never fail on this place situated in the heart of mountains.

There are 2 access to Scupiccia. The first way, starting at Cervione, offers a wide road, where walkers and cars can pass without be in each other’s way. The second access is a marked footpath, starting at Cigli in the village of San’t Andria di Cotone. In every case, you will make an expedition in gorgeous and various landscapes, before you get to Scupiccia’s plateau, and its beautiful panoramic view of plains.

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