The Coast Road

Go through typical Corsican villages, and admire breathtaking points of view.

Localisation: San GiulianoSant’Andrea di Cotone –  CervioneValle di CampuloruSanta Maria PoggioSanta Reparata di MorianiSan NicolaoSan Giovanni di MorianiSanta Lucia di MorianiPoggio-MezzanaVelone-OrnetoTalasaniPero-CasevecchieTaglio-Isolaccio.


With panoramic viewpoints, this small scenic road of Costa Verde overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and offer breath-taking views on the sea and the Italian islands. It overhang the Alesani valley, where chestnut trees, beech trees and ferns abound… which is why we call it “Costa Verde” – the Green Coast”!

Some beautiful villages hang onto the mountains slopes which gives us magnificent points of view on the fertile plains. On the road you will also discover the vestiges of a viaduct, a baroque church in a cemetery, tunnels dug directly into the rock, the Ucelluline Falls for nature-lovers, as well as a lot of typical villages.

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