Hell's Bridge

Enjoy a refreshing river bathing, at the heart of a Corsican unspoilt nature.

Localisation : Velone-Orneto.


There are a lot of legends which could explain the name of this bridge : the drowning death of a young man, a slaughter during the war… Whatever it be, the place remain gorgeous and worth the look.

Situated in Velone-Orneto, the place know as « Le Pont de l’Enfer » – « Hell’s Bridge » offer a walk along the Petrignani’s river. In the shade of a lush nature, discover a rich flora and the beauty of a wild and preserved heritage. It’s also the opportunity to enjoy a bathing in an uncrowded place, favorable to relaxation and a change of scene. This old rock’s bridge is also a start point for many marked footpaths, and a recommended place for fish-lovers.


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