Find here our Corsican products, as well as our regional and authentic gastronomic specialties.

Cured meats

Corsican cured meats with subtle and fragrant flavours:

  • Prisuttu (cured ham),
  • Coppa (pork chine larded, salted and dried in natural guts, and peppered on the surface after salting)
  • Lonzu (smoked and firewood dried pork fillet retaining its layer of fat around it)
  • Figatellu (fresh sausage made with pork liver. To eat grilled when fresh or raw when cured)
  • Panzetta (smoked and salted pork belly)



Game such as wild boar, pigeon, thrush, but also kid, pork, lamb, veal…

Pâtes au sanglier


Pasta served in all their forms and all in all their ways (ravioli, cannelloni, lasagne…).

Pâtes corse

Fish, Seafood

Red mullets, bass, sardines, lobsters, octopus, oysters and mussels…




Cheeses from goat or sheep, such as the brocciu (very creamy and fresh cheese, to eat fresh or as a side dish).



Fruit, honey and pastries: doughnuts (fritelli), hazelnut pies or other (torta), biscuits (canistrelli), cake with chestnut flour, pastizzu (aniseed wheat semolina based pastry with eggs, lemon and eau-de-vie), and finally the great Corsican specialtiy: the fiadone, a brocciu and lemon pie sometimes soaked in eau-de-vie.



Waters (St Georges, Zilia, and the sparkling mineral water of Orezza), wines and muscats, aperitifs (Cap Corse, Pastis…), liquors (mint, myrtle, chestnut, walnut, violet, orange…), and beers (Pietra, Serena, Colomba, Lutina).    

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