Natural Sparkling Mineral Water of Orezza

Overview of a spring which fizzles with life…


Source Sorgente Sottane

Taped and treated in Castagniccia, in the heart of mountains and chestnut’s forest away from pollution, Orezza water is unique in the world : only natural sparkling mineral water in Corsica, it’s also one of the most rich in iron in the entire world ! 

Orezza water, known since the Antiquity, was already savored by Romans which liked its exceptional qualities: savor, delicacy, and natural benefits. The using of the spring had been authorized in 1856 by Napoleon the IIIrd, who, ten years later, recognized it public interest by a decree. In the 19th century, Orezza bathing was recognized throughout entire Europe for its medical benefits. Enjoyed by therapy clients, the water cured anemia, nervous system disorders, malaria, liver and kidney diseases. It was so powerful that it was sent to anemic combatants in Northern Africa in the 20th century to give them strength and vitality.

Many years later, in 1995, Castagniccia knew a period of desertification, which led to the abandonment and the stop of the using of the spring, so Orezza water bottles disappeared. The using started again in 1998, and the site went through important renovation and modernization works so finally, in 2000, the bottles were back in the market.


Rich in iron, magnesium, bicarbonate and others minerals, Orezza water, finely sparkling, has many curative properties. Its high iron and carbonic gas content treats both anemia and gastrointestinal laziness, its calcium and bicarbonate content helps with digestion and mineralization, and its low sodium content makes it thirst-quenching. 


Naturally sparkling, Orezza water goes through several processes of iron removal before being bottled:

  • Degassing: water is sprayed in micro-droplets to facilitate the separation of water and gas, so CO2 is extracted and stocked.
  • Iron oxidization: now degassed, water is mixed with compressed sterile air in order to permit the iron precipitation.
  • Filtration: cured iron is removed thanks to sand filters.
  • Regassing: freed from the most part of its iron, water is finally regassed with its own gas.
  • Bottling: glass packaging (4 capacities: from 33cl to 150cl) or PET crystal bottles packaging (2 capacities, 33cl and 1L), whose design and original drawing has been realized by English design studio Claessens.

Moreover, an analytical laboratory is systematically checking the production, each hour, in order to guarantee the high-quality of the water. This technological complex is conform to new European norms.


We can find now varied ranges flavored with grapefruit, citron or mint, which increase the production. We can also find still Orezza water, in Monaco, which was launched originally for the Rolex Masters of Monte Carlo. Taking advantage of this event on 18th of April of 2017, the company launched two new fruity flavors, blackberry and clementine.

Today, over 12 million of high-quality water bottles come out of the factory Orezza every year. We can enjoy savoring them in France and abroad (New-York and Japan).

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