There are a lot of customs in Corsican people's daily life, and they worth the detour. Come live our traditions and share very specials moments.


“L’ochju” (the Evil Eye) is an ancient belief in Corsica. Various amulets exist to ward off the jinx: coral, Saint Lucy’s eye, salt, or to do the sign of the horns (hand gesture formed by extending the index and little finger while holding down with the thumb the middle and ring fingers)… To remove “l’ochju” you need a “signatore” (a kind of faith healer) who, by dint of prayers and rituals, exorcise the affected person.

This knowledge is passed down during Christmas night. Faith healing needs to be learnt, but remains first of all a gift, which is not granted to everyone. It can work only if you truly believe it… Usually, envy and jealousy are the causes of the Evil Eye, this is why children and happy people are the most vulnerable.

E crucette

During Palm Sunday, many Corsicans brandish their “crucette” (little cross) so they can be blessed by the vicar. Those crucette are then kept as lucky charms until next year. Every year, the old branches have to be burnt. You can keep them the way you want: hanged on the wall, in a drawer… And it’s not rare to see cars with crucette hanging on the rear-view mirror.

Crucette are made of branches removed from the heart of palm trees. It’s a savoir faire passed down from generation to generation. The braiding go from simple cross to more difficult forms, like a campanile or a fish. A branch of olive tree can also be hooked to it.


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