The voice

Listed as UNESCO World Heritage, Corsican polyphonic songs will enchant you !

Voices of Corsica

The voices of Corsica are part of the cultural heritage of Corsica. Notorious and varied they are to discover during your stay.

The Paghjella

The « Paghjella » is a non sacred secular song, often sung in church by 3 or 4 people and registred under Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO since 2009. It is a tradition that comes from shepherds who sang songs in the mountains together. Backed by powerful, harsh, rough, violent and moving voices, these songs are performed a cappella, like a resonating echo of the soul.

The Chjami è Rispondi

The « Chjami è Rispondi » is one of the pillars of Corsican culture. Combining poetry and song in the Corsican language, these are jousts between two or more singers improvising on a given theme, usually in a festive setting. During this traditional oral improvisation, singers use Corsican language as an art form. Poets strike up a singing conversation and respond immediately to each other with rhyming sentences while the public encourages the participants. Themes are very varied. Chjami è rispondi evenings are organised throughout Corsica and this contest is often initiated at different island fairs.

A Morra

« A Morra » is a kind if game similar to chifoumi (Rock-Paper-Scissors),which is played as follows: two players stand facing each other with a closed fist in front of them. Upon a signal, each player opens his hand, raising as many fingers as he wants (1 to 5) and shouting out a numer (2 to 10). A player scores points when the figure shouted out corresponds to the total number of fingers shown. The numbers are accompanied by a colourful shouted language in order to intimidate the opponent. Originating in the mountains, this game is one of the oldest in the world.


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