Our territories

Castagniccia Mare e Monti, it's 65 villages on 2 territories !


Situated in the area of Haute-Corse, between Corte and Bastia, this region of medium mountain is characterized by its high hills that offer lots of chestnuts, and by its authentic villages across a lush greenery.

The built heritage is very rich: on one hand there’s the religious art with its baroque architecture and roman chapels, on the other hand, there is small constructions such as ancient mills or fountains. This will allow you to discover the history and the culture of our territory.

Also known for its local products such as chestnut flour, cold cut and traditional cheese, Castagniccia will awake all your senses.

The wealth of this region, as the Orezza natural spring waters, its numerous villages of schist roofs and its inhabitants, will make you discover Corsica as you have never seen it!

Costa Verde

The Costa Verde, which aggregates 23 municipalities, is a micro-region in the northeast of Corsica. It is 40 km away from Bastia and its transport infrastructures. Costa Verde’s geographical location is ideal, which makes it easy to get there.

Come discover its 17km long fine sandy beaches with slight slopes, perfect for children, and our large range of activities as well as its diverse and preserved rich heritage. Besides its proximity with the Mediterranean Sea, the Costa Verde has a mountainous environment and a large diversity of landscapes. You can find here many authentic villages, with their craftsmen and local producers that will propose you essential oils, knives, fruits and many other traditional products.

Many other buildings perfectly preserved, as well as an ethnographical museum about our ancestors’ traditional life, will allow you to discover the culture and history of our micro-region. Come and make the most of Costa Verde, a place that will fill all your desires.

Since September 12th, 2016, these communes are classified as «tourist communes".